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          My dream as a little a girl was to become a supermodel. I would walk across the street and go to the local hallmark store, and look through all the fashion magazines from Vogue to Elle and just get lost in the pages daydreaming about my future in the industry. I would see Naomi on TV walking the runways and Giselle in the pages of the magazine and knew this is it for me. I would practice in the mirror and walk up and down the driveway.


          I feel so privileged to call myself a professional model and actress, and have the opportunity to do what I love as my career. I look forward to every opportunity and every shoot and still in awe that I get to live my dreams. I’m very passionate and driven about the modeling and acting field.


          One of my favorite hobbies is not only cooking healthy meals, but also finding ways to make them delicious.  Another hobby is to make “do-it-yourself” face and hair masks with natural ingredients. Thank you for checking out my site. 

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