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7 Things You Need On The Journey

When it comes to personal development, one of the basics is having a vision or dream for your life. You must figure out the areas you want to improve. Once you know your dreams, you can create the plan to make it work, stay open to the idea that your trajectory and growth may not be linear, and work to invest in yourself because it is well worth it. As you focus on your goals, you will also need to keep track of your wins, milestones, and improvement to keep trying to grow, improve, and maintain good habits.

Vision For your life

One of the essential basics of personal development is to have a vision for your life. It gives you clarity and purpose and can be your why. In those moments of confusion and setback, the idea for your life can be the most powerful accelerator not to give up. If you are unsure of your life’s vision, here are a few ways to get there. 1) journal about what you’d like to accomplish in life and use that to develop a life plan. Take a moment to daydream about the life you want, get specific, and engage all five senses. Visualize what you want, use it to clarify your goals, and spend time daydreaming.

  1. Vision for your life

  2. Areas that need improvement

  3. Make a Plan

  4. Growth may not be linear

  5. Invest in your self-improvement

  6. Keep track of your wins

  7. Maintain Good habits and make self-improvement the forefront of your decision-making.

Areas that need improvement

Take the time to self-evaluate your accomplishments, wins, and losses, and devise a plan to improve your life. Minor improvements over time will help to turn setbacks into significant progress. For example, skill-building can be monumental in helping you grow personally and professionally, so take the time to master one skill at a time.

Make a Plan

Using the technique of Brain-dumping to figure out what ideas are strong enough to turn into plans can help you become even more significant. Your project needs to include how you’ll get it done and why you’ll get it done. Try using tools like your calendar, apps, and accountability partners to help you keep on track and follow through with your plans. Also, be action-oriented.

Growth May Be Dynamic.

One thing that is not discussed enough in personal development is that growth isn’t always linear. People may sometimes be frustrated and give up and quit pursuing their goals. Although it may not be linear, you are still improving at times, we all make mistakes, and that is okay as long as we are willing to acknowledge and try to improve. Because things don’t always go according to plan, we must pivot the method but keep moving toward the goal. We are human, and our trajectory may take time and go up and down, so staying the course is imperative to accomplish things. In the end, you will be able to reap the rewards.

Invest in Yourself for Self-Improvement

Investing in yourself is the most important thing you will do. Investing in yourself could be the ticket to a better life. So let’s talk about five ways you can invest in yourself.

  1. Mental - self-care

    1. Feed your brain: books, learning new skills

    2. Expressing yourself- through writing and drawing and anything that allows you to feel free to express yourself

  2. Physical

    1. Nourish your body with healthy foods and drinks, and if you need vitamins.

    2. Get a good night’s sleep regularly, and take it a step further by having a bedtime.

    3. Exercise regularly

  3. Relationships

    1. Spend time quality time with others

    2. Plan activities that are fun for you and others

    3. Support the other person in the relationship

  4. Hopes, dreams, goals

    1. Invest in your career

    2. Classes, courses, internships, volunteering, collaborations, partnerships.

    3. Learn hard, soft, digital, and leadership skills.

  5. Boundaries & Self-preservation

-Learn to say no to things that don’t serve you, help you & drain you because, yes are very expensive. You have to commit your time and energy.

With all of your investment in yourself, you will see growth and improvement in a way that helps you to create a better life. You can start small by investing in yourself, but you must do daily at best and weekly at worst. That consistency will see you through.

Keep Track of Your Wins.

Keeping track of your wins is a great reminder of what you have won and can provide evidence that you are growing and putting in the effort. A step further would be to acknowledge and celebrate your wins. For instance, taking one day of the week to be self-reflective can be a great way to evaluate your week and see the good and the things that need improvement.

Let Your Goal Be Self-Improvement on Your Journey

If you focus on self-improvement, it makes it a lot easier to accomplish your goals and become better at things. Many things are out of our hands, but the effort isn’t one of them. So those decisions you make are hindering your progress or allowing you to flourish.

All these basics are meant to help you start your development journey and thrive. If you do these things, you’ll be able to flourish even more. Join the mailing list at if you have enjoyed this blog and want to learn more about personal development and self-care.


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