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Tips on Regaining Confidence In Your Abilities

Losing confidence is never easy. It happens sometimes, and it’s even worse when you don’t trust yourself to make decisions or your ability to figure them out. Today’s blog will focus on building that trust in yourself and regaining the confidence to problem-solve and think critically.

What are some of the signs you are losing confidence in yourself?

One of the signs you are losing confidence in yourself is that you don’t see value in your talents and gifts. You downplay your accomplishments. Don’t put effort into things you want because you don’t believe you’ll accomplish them. You talk badly about yourself with others. You see things only in the worse can scenario. So you don’t make an effort to improve.

What can you do to regain trust?

There are things you can do to trust yourself again. Start by having small goals you know you can accomplish and keep challenging yourself more until you try goals that stretch your abilities. Challenge yourself to do something for 7, 14, or 30 days to build consistency. When you make win, celebrate it. Be mindful of your self-talk when it comes to you, and work on becoming your best friend. Learn to love yourself at your worst and your best. Taking action can be a great way to regain trust. Try listening to podcasts or reading books that help you learn techniques on confidence.

Why it’s okay to fail sometimes, and what to do about it

No one is perfect, so we are all going to make mistakes. This self-acceptance will be crucial to realize that we all have failures, but there is a lesson to learn from most failures. Using your failures as motivation to come back and win is even more significant. On the next attempt, you can do better. If you’ve never failed, you have nothing to compare your wins to, so it’s harder to see the difference.

Your trust in yourself is crucial, so if you lose it, work on rebuilding. Not only will life feel better, but you can show up better. Life’s decisions are easy to make if you trust yourself. You have the capabilities to figure things out, but if you don’t believe that, it’s hard to accomplish something. You are trustworthy, but first, you have to trust in yourself. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, please join the mailing list at Again, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, and hopeful it helps you regain confidence in your abilities and yourself.

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1 Comment

Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown
Jan 01, 2023

I like the idea of setting small goals and celebrating each win.

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