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9 Tips on How to Use Self-Preservation for Self-Care

Radical Self-Care For a Better Life

Every choice you make is either helping you on your journey in life or harming you. Think of your options as I'll do this or that, and I can do what is best for me or worst for me.

Self-Preservation can be the way to a more enjoyable life.

When I say self-preservation, it doesn't have to be complicated or complex choices; it can be simple things like having a bedtime routine and maintaining healthy relationships.

We are on this earth for a short time. So instead of going through the motions, why make sure it is something you enjoy, and it's a life that brings you peace, joy, and happiness?

Making choices that will help preserve your mind, body, and spirit should be at the forefront of everything you do.

Here are some easy ways you can practice self-preservation.

  1. Take a moment to evaluate your habits.

  2. Make minor improvements; for example, instead of having no bedtime go to bed every day at 10 pm.

  3. Say No to things you don't feel comfortable doing that don't align with your morals or overextend and leave you burnout.

  4. Practice Self- Regulation of your emotions.

  5. Practice self-compassion

  6. Practice positive self-talk

  7. Prioritize your health in mind, body, and spirit.

  8. Foster and develop positive relationships.

  9. Do things that help manage your stress. For example, stress management tools include meditation, journaling, positive affirmations, making time for fun, deep breathing exercise, and sunlight.

Life can be more like a marathon, where you must pace yourself and ensure your hydrate throughout that 26.2 miles. Before you start that marathon, you need to practice your run and build your strength. Just like a marathon, you need to take care of yourself to live the life you want so you can enjoy it and be merry.

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